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Monday, April 1, 2013

Can I get a Lunch Break?

Posted By: Heroic Henry - 1:38 PM


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Today has been a stressful day. When I arrived at work, my boss told me that we are expanding our work in our industry. He said that we (we, as in just me) would be doing work that required to wear double latex gloves and constant cleaning on these new products.

My boss told me that this new "project" is a high priority that must me done as soon as possible.

I wasn't to thrilled about it, but since I work under this baboon, I knew I had to do the work. My boss told me to start immediately.

Time flew by as I worked my hands off. I checked the clock and noticed it was lunch time. I took off my gloves and noticed that my hands were stained red. I asked my boss if we had any cleaners that removed the red stains and he said yes because he came prepared.

I nodded and told him I was heading out to lunch. My boss cut me off and said "Not yet, we need to finish these as soon as possible".

I headed back to my new "work station" and didn't bother to argue because i'm used to taking late lunches. I then went back to work.

A few hours later passed, and noticed my boss was walking out. I asked right before he exited if I could take a lunch now. He responded with "Nah, keep working dude, i'm getting us lunch".

Thirty minutes later he came back with a bag of McDonalds. I remembered I didn't tell him what I wanted, so I was a bit confused. I asked him "What did you get us?" He responded with "I got me and Bill some double quarter pounders".

(Bill is our ONE employee that works in the back, manufacturing our real industry products.)

I responded with "Alright...I guess i'm going to lunch now". My boss replied with "Nope. Keep on working".

Irritated at this point, I didn't know what to do, so I kept on working. A couple of more hours passed then I realized it was already time for me to go home.

I cleaned up my station and headed to the bathroom to wash my hands with that special cleaning soap. I spent about 20 minutes trying to clean my hands but was unable to do so. My boss is already gone at this point so I couldn't yell at him.

So overall, my boss didn't buy me lunch like he said he would. He didn't LET me take a lunch so I could eat. He lied about being "prepared" with the cleaning supplies because both of my hands are stained bright red.

Boss, you're an asshole.

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  1. If I were you, I would have killed the boss. I can never work if I'm hungry! Seems like a total ass. On an unrelated topic, I hope your boss doesn't even come close to reading this! lol

    1. This is nothing! Just wait for some upcoming posts, you will truly feel his wrath!

  2. Waw, I hope your boss has not subscribed to your blog, otherwise you might be out of a job tomorrow... :-/

    That said, I completely know how you feel today. After years of working my but of for some a**, he fired me!

    But you know what? Even if I'm struggling today, I'm glad he finally had the guts to throw me out. Good riddance!

    1. You know what? I wouldn't be too sad if I was out of my job, lol.

      But wow, that's sad. I'm sorry to hear that! We accept guests posts if you would ever like to write one!


  3. You boss is really an ass I guess, John! ahaha

    1. By the way, I have completed the writing on abortion! check it out when your boss is away

    2. He really is! Alright, I will check it out! Thanks!

    3. Thanks a lot for your time reading my lengthy rambles. And I really like your blog and the story of your boss.

  4. I hope you have a better day today. It sounds like you might need to talk to the boss of your boss if you can't get any satisfaction talking to your boss. Good luck.


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